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To be a hero—in the most universal sense of the word— means to aspire to absolute triumph. But such triumphs come o… https://t.co/500NxQwqQs

RT Thomas Murphy @thomasmurphy__: Prohibited from boozing this St. Patrick’s by calculus homework, I will instead reaffirm the Celtic Twilight of yor… https://t.co/ti3RcYlYgL

RT Mario Klingemann @quasimondo: „The future is probably a lot like the past, but not a lot like today.“
— Anonymous AI #GPT2 #GPT2Tuned

At the edge of unacceptable: recognizable but undesirable. https://t.co/EiwBIj0Nyf

RT A-B_HPP @ausdruck_books: I just uploaded ‚THE DUST ENFORCER // ZESILOVAČ PRACHU ‚ to @academia! https://t.co/iX20j3Er08

Reza Negarestani: The Horror of Something: commentaries on the littered universe and the weird https://t.co/INIfHvM9cv

JH·IY₀·AA₁·D·AH₀·S·IY₀ – S·IY₁·L, schopnost oplodňovat vychladlé hvězdy připisujeme jakýmsi mezihvězdným zárodkům.

Flexibilityontology & Immortalityontology

https://t.co/fgNtJLik1o is an online bookstore which sells science fiction novels generated by an artificial intell… https://t.co/VxjNC6Eupm