Každý akt vnímání se vrací do prostoru a nepřetrvává. #TET_20

although it began with us, it will end without us…

Z nějakého důvodu, že nejste, že je to věc. – @0iyE1 (RNN)

Now that the world most of us have known is ending, it might be time to pay more attention to the experience of tho… https://t.co/bAIFkg035j

anti-cosmic time, anti-cosmic Love (part 0.1)


big update of my cosmology 💤

https://t.co/LuxYb3t5Iz https://t.co/XsXEcUiLcg

I will bury myself in my own imagination and let myself rot, eaten by all the thoughts that I once ate. Until only… https://t.co/PSi2n2a5dR

RT Holly Herndon @hollyherndon: Why we talk very seriously about the important of attribution and new compensation models wrt training sets and voi… https://t.co/0dR3SNMUmr


The end of the world projects backward a beginning of the world; the future fate of humankind transports us to its emergence. #TET_20