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What will become of the thought that is itself subjected to the pressure of illness? – Nietzsche #TTN_20

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Commissioned by @rhizome for @newmuseum, Cyberfeminism Index is a growing da… https://t.co/RaEUwxJy17

Beneath the waves lies an endless ocean. https://t.co/v4Ht57g9Mr@e_flux

Oraxiom Journal:

We should not underestimate the depths of nihilistic despair, which pins its hopes on a more or less lethal virus a… https://t.co/j57MISlSUP

Even the dead were convinced their body was real, so they wander around. #TTN_20 https://t.co/chUROgCnTS

Na dualitě není nic špatného, dokud nevytváří konflikt. #TTN_20

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